+Basic Information:

Online Alias: threadmistress

About Me: I’m Kisha, one part of Dynamic Duo Cosplay! We are a newly established cosplay team that is always working really hard on our next set of costumes :D

Age: 20 years old

Status: Single =(

Occupation: Student

+My Interests:

General: Sewing, patternmaking, daydreaming, chocolate

Music: TLC, Ace of Base, No Doubt

Movies: Can’t Stay Awake (I know, its terrible but I love the game), any horror movie

Television Shows: The Universe, Cake Mix

Books: Under the Starlit Sky: From Concept to Reality, The Zombie Handbook

+My Face Friends:

KawaiiHawaii + MrsSalt + MrPepper

+My Awards:

Hall Cosplay Award at EmotiCON 2
Second Place Novice: Group at CONundrum 3
First Place Novice at EmotiCON 3
First Place Novice: Group at CONundrum 4
Second Place Journeyman at EmotiCON 4

+My Events:


EmotiCON 2
CONundrum 3
CONpetition 5
EmotiCON 3
CONundrum 4
CONpetition 6
EmotiCON 4

Photoshoots: Too many to remember by now!