+Basic Information:

Online Alias: Skylark411

About Me: Even the moderator of the best information source for cosplay can have a MyFace profile.

Age: 1000 years old

Status: You’re funny

Occupation: Best Informer on the net

+My Interests:

General: Writing about the current cosplay gossip and drama going on.

Music: The murmurs of an approaching scandal.

Movies: Cellphone footage taken while you weren’t looking.

Television Shows: Streaming video behind closed doors.

Books: Your texts when one of my minions hacks your phone’s sim card.

Honestly, I don’t plan on telling you anything you don’t already know. This is just extra exposure for my already incredibly popular cosplay information website: JERKboard. So when you’re done checking up on the things people want you to know here, make sure you mosey on over there and find out what everyone’s REALLY up to.

+My Face Friends:

I have only minions who keep me informed of all going-ons. So no, I won’t add you to fulfill your MyFace quota. Message me if you think you have some hot information that you’re too chicken to post on the JERKboard yourself.