Sorry for the delay everyone. The website was throwing very weird errors at us all over the place, and it took longer than expected to get things back into order. But we’re back!

Welcome to The JERKboard Diaries Episode 3 (part 1)!

Looks like things are heating up a bit on the JERKboard. Everyone wants that one special photographer, and looks like someone got a bit too sassy for Skylark’s taste. But at least she’s getting a conversation started about photographers at the photoshoot!

We’ll be back next week with Chapter 2 proper. Miko posted a good explanation as to what has been going on with the updates and other behind the scenes stuff at her blog here, but the short end of it is that Allison hasn’t had as much time to work on the comic as she has in the past because of financial reasons. We’ve tried to take a little bit of the load off of her by creating these JERKboard pages for weeks she couldn’t post a page, but we know you all have been wondering what is up and we wanted you to be sure that we are not giving up on Con Season! We love this thing, we know you all are enjoying yourselves, and we have a lot more planned for it!

The absolutely spectacular news is that Allison has overcome a huge hurdle and she can spend more time with the comic! Yay!

We also have started a deviantART account here. We’ll be using it to post the comic to help spread the word, plus it’ll be an easy way to get fan art and cosplay collected in an easy to organize way. You’ll start seeing pictures from our Artist Alley booth at AWA 2012 posted there in the next few weeks, as well as some of the extra art Allison has created for the series.

Always feel free to send us your own fan art or cosplays at our Facebook page or comment here as well! This will just be another way to talk to you guys more. =3

Part 2 of this episode will come out sometime in February.