Dun dun DUUUUUUUUN! To be continued…

And with that, Chapter 2 is over. Whoo hoo! I know my real-life tribulations made this chapter a bit of a bumpy ride for everyone, but thanks for hanging in there. :) There will be a bit of a station break before Chapter 3 starts, but the website will keep updating with my progress on the following:

  • Toning the tone-less pages of this chapter so that they look pretty and lovely and are ready for print!
  • Making a really rad cover AND an alternate cover for Chapter 3!
  • Penciling all the pages for Chapter 3! (I did this for Chapter 1 and things went a lot smoother. Time to go back to what works.)
  • Making a Frosting costume! That you can all see in person at our AWA artist alley table from September 27th – 29th!

Thanks for being awesome, and Lexi’s adventures will return soon. :D

<3 Allison