+Who are WG4K?:

Babyberry, Imriela, and Evali

The story goes that one afternoon in 2004, Babyberry and Imriela met in a terrible Lit class. Snarky comments about the professor led them to chatting, which led to them finding out they read the same online comics, which led to Imriela bringing Babyberry home to have an impromptu dinner. There, Babyberry met Evali, and the rest, you could say, is history.

Babyberry and Imriela had never heard of cosplaying at that point, but Evali thought it was a cool hobby and got Babyberry interested enough that she went straight out and bought materials to make her first costume. Thus, WeGo4Kyou began their tumble into the world of cosplay with little idea of the craziness they would experience.

+What does WG4K stand for?

WG4K stands for WeGo4Kyou. At the time, all three of us enjoyed the manga/anime series Fruits Basket, especially the character Kyo. We use the Kyou spelling as a play on words for “co-operation.”

+What was your first cosplay?

When we first met one another, Evali shared some doushinji from the video game Xenosaga: Episode 1. Evali mentioned she really liked the costume for Shion, and through process of elimination, Babyberry decided to make KOS-MOS and Imriela would make MOMO.

Imriela was the only one who knew how to use a sewing machine, so there was a lot to learn in a short amount of time. Imriela taught the other two how to sew, Evali did research on some good Dos and Don’ts of the cosplay world, and Babyberry scrambled to try to make KOS-MOS’ armor pieces not look stupid.

We took about a month to make the costumes and debut them at Megacon 2004. We didn’t end up placing in the contest, but we were bitten by the cosplay bug and we immediately started planning for our second costume set.

+What do you three do now?

While we don’t necessarily cosplay full time anymore, we still try to stay involved in the cosplay scene by participating in panels at Anime Weekend Atlanta, and attending a few choice conventions to reconnect with friends. Unfortunately, real life gets in the way quite a bit, so it’s hard to make it to every convention we love. Now we mainly focus on Lexi and all of her crazy cosplay experiences!

You can learn more about our costumes at our old cosplay website or by visiting our cosplay tumblr.

+What is CON SEASON?

Lexi Brown

Con Season is the brainchild of WeGo4Kyou, a cosplay group formed in 2004 by Babyberry, Evali, and Imriela. Amanda “Babyberry” C. and Miko “Evali” C. script out all the ridiculous things that happen to Lexi. Allison “Imriela” Frink does all the art. If you want to see what we get up to, check out our website or our tumblr.

Lexi is a fairly ordinary college student. She loves video games, hangs out with her friends, and works in the school library. Then one day Lexi’s roommate dares her to make a costume and perform at the local anime convention to help her get over her stage fright, and, well…there goes ordinary. Now it’s all about surviving CON SEASON!

+How did you come up with CON SEASON?

Our wacky convention experiences inspired us to create Lexi and her seriously messed-up journey down the rabbit hole of cosplay. However, this is a work of fiction, so the characters and events depicted here are all made-up composites! So if you think we’re talking about you, we’re not. No, really. If something sounds familiar, then the same thing has probably happened to every single cosplayer ever to walk the con floor.

There was (and still is!) a lot of planning involved. Not only did we have to come up with characters, their personalities, the conventions and photoshoots they interact with, as well as many other minute details that make cosplay interesting in real life.

To plan out the entire series, we use a program called FreeMind that helps create a mind map of all of the important plot points in the series. Whenever we have an idea, we throw it into the mind map and see where it fits the best. We also use a program called ZuluPadPro to create a database of characters–this is where we came up with the idea of our characters having profile pages as if they were actually on a social media website.

+What about the costumes?

We also invented a whole new world of series and costumes for Lexi and her friends to use for cosplay fodder. We could have just drawn all your favorite anime and video game characters and renamed them, but those costumes are already all over every convention and on every cosplay site. Why beat a dead horse? It’s way more fun to make up new characters and outfits that parody the real stuff.


+What series have you all cosplayed from?

Here’s a (not complete at all) list of series we have made costumes from:

  • Xenosaga: Episode 1 & 2: Shion, KOS-MOS, and MOMO
  • Full Moon wo Sagashite: Mitsuki (12 yrs old and teenager), Takuto, and Meroko
  • Ranma 1/2: Akane, Ukyo, Shampoo
  • Final Fantasy X-2: Yuna (Thief/White Mage), Rikku (Warrior/Thief/White Mage), and Paine (Gunner/White Mage)
  • Naruto: Sexy no Jutsu Naruto, Sasuke, Gaara
  • Star Ocean 3: Fayt, Cliff, Albel
  • Katamari Damacy
  • Ah! My Goddess: Skuld
  • Street Fighter: Chun Li, Cammy, and Sakura
  • Death Note: Light, Misa/Rem, and L
  • Resident Evil 4: Ada Wong, Ashley Graham, Chainsaw Sister
  • Disgaea: Ronin and Archer
  • Airmaster: SkyStar
  • Lady Lovely Locks
  • Phoenix Wright: Ema Skye, Lana Skye, and Franziska Von Karma
  • Witch Hunter Robin
  • Kushiel Saga: Phedre no Delauney
  • Fox Princesses: Akima (Titan AE), Anastasia (Anastasia), and Crysta (Fern Gully)
  • Original design: Mario Sisters
  • Magical Play: Padudu, Pipin, and Nonononn
  • Princess Tutu: Ahiru, Mytho, Fakir, and Rue
  • Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne: Jeanne (School Uniform and Battle outfit)
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena: Miki and Juri
  • Ouran Host Club: Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyoya, and Benio
  • Soul Caliber: Talim
  • Persona 3: Protagonist/Orpheus, Mitsuru, and Fuuka
  • Beyond Good and Evil: Jade
  • Powerpuff Girls: Japanese Racing Queen original design
  • Doctor Horrible
  • Mario Galaxy: Rosalina
  • Pokemon Gijinka: Drifloon and Mismagius
  • Original design: Druid
  • Scott Pilgrim VS The World (movie): Knives Chau
  • Professor Layton: Professor Hershel Layton and Luke Triton
  • Serenity: Kaylee and River
  • And more I know I’m forgetting…
+Awards, Panels, and Judging:


  • Best Group: Fitcon (Full Moon)
  • Best of Show Novices: AWA (FFX-2 Dress Sphere Mixup)
  • 3rd Place: JACO Halloween (Ranma 1/2)


  • Fan Favorite: Megacon (Sexy no Jutsu)
  • Panelists at MOMOcon
  • Judge’s Award: JACON (Star Ocean 3)
  • Judges’ Choice: Metrocon skit contest (White Mage Rumble)
  • Best of Show Masters: AWA (Katamari Damacy)


  • Hall Cosplay Award: Megacon (Artbook Skuld)
  • Hall Cosplay Award: Megacon (Chibi-Katamari and Prince)
  • MOMOcon Judge and Panelist (Imriela)
  • 2nd and 3rd Place: Online Cosplaylab LJ Lookalike Contest (Chun Li and Cammy)
  • Best of Show: Dragoncon Anime Contest (Misa and Rem)
  • Most Popular Woman: Dragoncon Hallway Contest (Misa and Rem)
  • AWA Panelists and Judging (Evali)
  • Interviewed for Anime on Demand: Watch it here!
  • Anime South Judging (Evali)


  • Best Likeness: Risingsun.net Anniversary (Skuld)
  • 2nd Place in Cosplaylab Death Note LookaLike Contest (Misa and Rem)
  • Second Place Advanced Craftsmanship: Anime Boston (Magical Play)
  • Craftsmanship and Performance Judge: JACON (Evali)
  • Best Skit: ACEN (Princess Tutu) Watch it Here!
  • Ouran Host Club Event: AFO
  • Cosplay Panelists: AWA
  • Cosplay Panelist: Janicon
  • Cosplay Panelist and Judge: Anime South


  • 1st Place Masters Craftsmanship: Anime Boston (Froufy Ouran Host Club) Watch it Here!
  • Best Script and Acting: Anime Boston (A Girl Worth Hosting For) Watch it Here!
  • 2nd Place in ACParadise Persona 3 contest
  • Cosplay Panelists: AWA
  • Cosplay Guest at EXPcon: Evali


  • 1st Place in ACParadise Street Fighter contest
  • Best Individual: Megacon (Minato and Orpheus)
  • Cosplay Guest and Judge at MOMOcon (Imriela)
  • Cosplay Panelists: AWA

2010 and Beyond

  • Cosplay Panelists: AWA