+Basic Information:

Online Alias: MrsSalt

About Me: Hi Ya’ll! I’m just trying out this ‘social networking’ nonsense. I’m a young wifey who loves sharing her hobby with her hubby :3

Age: 24 years old

Status: Married to MrPepper

Occupation: Accountant

+My Interests:
General: Wedding cakes, planning parties, sewing, buying shoes

Music: Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera

Movies: Under the Starlit Sky movie, Ever After

Television Shows: Cake Mix, Tack, Solar Soldiers, Ace of Cakes

Books: Uglies series, LJ Smith books (I love a good love triangle!)

+My Awards:

Hall Cosplay Award at EmotiCON 4

+My Events:

Conventions: EmotiCON 4
Photoshoots: Union Park