+Basic Information:

Online Alias: justlexi

About Me: Hi, my name is Lexi. I’m a history major and a budding cosplayer. I love video games and I’m starting to love sewing too!

Age: 21 years old

Status: Single

Occupation: Student/ Library gruntling

+My Interests:

General: Backstage production, lighting shots, hamsters, candy corn.

Music: Musicals :3

Movies: Pride and Prejudice, Moulin Rouge, Bridget Jones’ Diary (and sequel!)

Television Shows: We can’t afford cable :(

Books: Pride and Prejudice, Culture and Identity in Belgain Francophone Writing by Susan Bainbrigge, World History: Patterns of Interation by Roger B. Beck

+My Face Friends:

Snaps + DramaKing + RorytheHamster

+My Awards:

Best Newcomer at EmotiCON 4

+My Events:

Conventions: EmotiCON 4
Photoshoots: None yet :(

+My Photos: