+Basic Information:

Online Alias: KawaiiHawaii

About Me: I’m Rhonda and with my best friend Kisha we are Dynamic Duo Cosplay! :D Very excited to be part of the community, I love cosplaying!

Age: 20 years old

Status: Single

Occupation: Student

+My Interests:

General: video games, writing, being in costume

Music: Smile DK, Tatu

Movies: Bring it On, Stomp the Yard

Television Shows: Gossip Girl, Cake Mix, Under the Starlit Sky, Star Wars, Twilight

Books: Vampire the Masquerade novels, Star Wars novels

+My Face Friends:

threadmistress + MrsSalt + MrPepper

+My Awards:

Hall Cosplay Award at EmotiCON 2
Second Place Novice: Group at CONundrum 3
First Place Novice at EmotiCON 3
First Place Novice: Group at CONundrum 4
Second Place Journeyman at EmotiCON 4

+My Events:


EmotiCON 2
CONundrum 3
CONpetition 5
EmotiCON 3
CONundrum 4
CONpetition 6
EmotiCON 4

Photoshoots: Ask Kisha, she’s better at remembering this sort of thing. =P