What? Why are there TONES on the page this week?! WHAT IS THIS NEW DEVILRY?!?! :D

I wonder what Donavon has in mind… It’d better be good, though; I don’t think Lexi can take any more stress during this photoshoot! @_@;

So I’m currently reading Garth Nix’s Keys to the Kingdom series and AAAAA SO GOOD! Just imagine if Douglas Adams had written a young adult adventure series that involved an asthmatic prepubescent hero taking on the days of the week–the Morrow Days are people, mind you–to save the universe. (NO SPOILERS I’M ONLY ON LADY FRIDAY SO FAR!) I just know it’s going to break my heart in the end. *sniffsniff* All good literature does. What’s everyone else reading?

<3 Allison