+The Story:

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Two girls named Frosting and Batter are aspiring bakers by day, and stop food thieves by night. They are both in love with their stock boy Spatula and play fight over him. But little do they know that Spatula’s the next in line to run the corporation Processed Taste, Inc., the producer of the thieves which aim to thwart small businesses using natural ingredients!

This is a parody of super sugary magical girl shows like Bottle Fairies and Pretty Cure.

+The Characters:


Batter is the tomboy of the two girls, but is secretly a romantic . She runs her shop Sweet Dreams Bakery with her best friend Frosting. When she transforms into her battle outfit, she uses day-old bread products to fight the enemy.


Frosting is the typical sweetheart of the two girls, but tends to have a bit of a temper! When she transforms into her battle outfit, she uses frosting in creative ways (explosives anyone?).


Spatula is the stock boy at Sweet Dreams bakery, but is secretly working for the evil corporation Processed Taste Inc. He is conflicted in his mission to shut down the bakery, because he finds himself enjoying both Batter and Frosting’s company.

Processed Taste Inc.

Processed Taste Inc. is a corporation run by an unknown entity who wishes to take over the food industry with their chemical compounds. Using minions such as the Little Witch and Spatula, they are arriving closer to their goals.