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+The Story: An old-school button-mashing fighting game that features different characters from different countries fighting one another. Really, that’s all the story you need!

There are 24 playable characters to choose from, from many countries around the world. Many of them have special attacks that are ridiculous, but hard core fans argue constantly about the “accuracy” of said attacks. This game is also know for its very competitive tournaments at conventions around the country.

+The Characters:


Jorani is the playable character from Cambodia. Her specialty is being able to fight in stiletto heals and used her chain flail as a fashionable belt.


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Moira is the playable character from Ireland. Not only is she good at stomping her enemies, but her dress hides her secret supply of knives.


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Cerise is the playable character from France. Her specialty are her guns, but she finds some interesting places to hide them from her fellow assassins.


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Ivanka is the playable character from the Czech Republic. Not much is known about her except she’s cute as a button and may be a little too young to be an assassin…


+Concept Art Coming Soon!+

Sergei is the playable character from Russia. All of his special attacks involve vodka in some way (and maybe a little fire!).


Akiko is the playable character from Japan. She uses a combination of weights in her sleeves and her giant fan to attack unsuspecting enemies.


+Concept Art Coming Soon!+

Tai is the playable character from China. He’s the martial artist of the group, although he does seem to have a surprise or two strapped around his arms…